A good phone and a great data connectivity goes a long way, literally!

Verizon’s 4G LTE network is now available in 258 markets across the U.S., beating AT&T’s 4G LTE network with 39 cities. Verizon plans to launch even more 4G LTE markets this summer. Sprint is just starting to get their 4G LTE network running and they should be in several markets by the end of 2012.

Also known as Surfstick, Samsung GT-B3740 works under the 4G LTE 800MHz and 2.6MHz network band. This device works with most operating systems and features an auto install and auto run system. Just plug it in your computer’s USB port and you’ll be experiencing the speed of LTE in minutes. The Surfstick is a very portable device. Because it weighs only 55g and measures only 64 mm x 50 mm x 11 mm, you can easily carry this around in your pocket or bag. The Samsung GT-B3740 also comes unlocked and ready to use with global services. Because this LTE USB modem offers very fast Internet connection, you can use it to access very demanding online activities such video streaming, video conferencing and to query ERP/CRM applications. Verizon has just been declared the King of 4G LTE in a brand new speed test just released by PCMag. This title was expected, but the results of the test are still interesting.
One of the hottest things lately has been all the talk of 4G. Sprint started spreading their WiMax network early, finally letting the Tri-State in on the fun after Verizon announced its 4G LTE network was going online in early December. T-mobile has also been promoting the HSPA+ network as 4G. One of the hottest phones of the year was the HTV EVO 4G for Sprint. 2011 will certainly see more expansion in the 4G arena with the Verizon set to announce 4G phones at CES and AT&T still to deploy their LTE network.When it comes to online connectivity, HTC Jetstream is very innovative as opposed to some other tablet PCs out there. This has recently been produced with great structure and the UI. Regrettably, it is very costly for the majority of individuals and it’s also too heavy for the portable gadget.Voice quality and signal reception are great, and battery everyday life is excellent also. So the question is much better than a Windows 7 computer fast? Obtain the straight talk out of the orthodontist.Verizon ringtones are cool. It seems like these days you have to have an unique ringtone for your mobile phone that no one else has. You don’t want the same one that you’re friend. You want that ringtone to be unique and represent you. You also want your friends to stand up and take notice. You want people to be impressed by your choice of ringtone. That’s not surprising, your ring tone represents you. If they like your Verizon ringtone than you have made a good impression. It is hard to imagine fans dressing up in specific colors with pictures of CEO’s on their shirts- or maybe their annual bonuses- and root for AT&T over verizon.

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